Online Free Marketing Strategies – 3 of the Most Powerful

Not knowing how to implement the various marketing strategies for your business is usually the difference between success and failure on the internet. Many entrepreneurs understand the theory of running a successful online home business but few know how to put the marketing puzzle pieces together for profits.

Those who are building a business part time or on a budget simply can’t afford the cost of the proven paid strategies and feel somewhat uncertain about online free marketing strategies. The free strategies do work and once the entrepreneur understands the only difference between paid and free is speed they can find success. That’s it.

It simply takes longer for most of the free strategies to work however, they do work. If you can just allow yourself the time to become successful because you are on a budget the work of building a successful online home business gets easier.

Here are the three most powerful free marketing strategies you can use for your business starting today to find success on the internet:

Article Marketing
Article marketing is a great free strategy to use because you can create content that will last forever on the internet. If you are on a budget you can simply write your article, post it to your blog and then to the top 5-10 article directories. You can also use automation software to submit your articles to hundreds of article directories. This process works faster but there is a cost associated with the strategy.

Video Marketing
You can take the article you have just written and submitted to the top directories for free and condense it into a PowerPoint presentation and submit to YouTube. You can also use a free service called TubeMogul that will submit the video to 10-12 video directories. Videos should be kept short to 2-3 minutes because of the attention span of the audience. However, if you are training on your videos they can be made longer.

Social Media Marketing
Using social media is a great way to take that same article to tell all your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn that you just created some great new content for them to check out. If any of your friends like what they see they will typically share it with their friends on the social media networks.

Don’t underestimate the power of using these three marketing strategies because they are proven and powerful. They can also create a viral following that is hungry for more from you. If you’re starting your home business on a budget learn to master the online free marketing strategies and you will find success in your business.

Please leave a comment and let me know your take on free vs. paid marketing strategies.