Rich Content Production: The Who’s and How’s

Rich content is the new method to connect with customers. These days, it’s crucial to invest in ways to improve customer engagement. There are many sources of rich content although interactive media, videos, pictures, and information are the main things people think of.

Back in the day, retailers and brands used to be the main source of content. However, today, there are more contributors who can improve the quality of the information offered in different online sites.

Collaborations are among the most popular methods to improve rich content on the site. Brand and retailers are not the only ones who provide information about the product. Budget limitations prevent any company from spending a lot of money on rich content.

Retailers and Brands

The brand has and will always be the main source of information because they are the ones behind the product. The kind of information a brand offers to the public will depend on the product or the service they offer. Retailers also source the information from the brand, but they are not the only ones who use it.

These days, brands are well aware that customer experience is crucial in growing their market. Hence, they also provide information for the end-users. For products in consumer electronics, there are manuals, guides, and instructions on how to use the device and troubleshoot common problems which users can encounter. Updates and drivers, for instance, can also be found on the site. These little things could improve the image of the brand and attract more customers since they know the brand cares about them too.

Meanwhile, retailers are responsible for offering the product in a more attractive way. Clothing retailers, for instance, will provide a vivid display of trendy clothes on their site to market the brands they offer. Some could offer simulations on how the outfit would look on the customer or shopper. This feature is not just fun to try out; it also provides real value to the end-user and reduces the chances of making the wrong purchase.


Retailers, brands, and even distributors will not be the only ones who can offer information about the product. Customers have also a lot to say, and this can be done by leaving feedback about the site. Reviewers who unbox products and try them out while recording everything through a video also increase the rich content available for a brand.

Videos, in particular, make it easier for other customers to judge the product or brand. Aside from that, this can improve customer engagement. Depending on the reviews, a company can generate or lose potential customers. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on a company to provide products and services with the highest quality.

Irrespective of which party generates the content, forecasts reveal digital marketers will continue to spend on content production by 2018. The Hoth, one of the firms in the content creation business, understands how valuable content is to online businesses. You can browse through reviews of the Hoth here.